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HP8500 with John Deere Engine


Emission Rating                       Tier 4 Final

Gross Power - hp (kW)            74

Rated Speed - rpm                   2500

No. of Cylinders                        4

Displacement - Cu in               275

Drive Train

Hydraulic System

Main Pump Type                     Pressure Compensated

Pump Flow gallons/min           35gpm @2400

Drive Train

Transmission                          Synchromesh

Travel Speed                           24 mph

No. of Speeds FWD               4

No. of Speeds REV                4

Front Tire Size (4WD/2WD)          16.9 - 24

Rear Tire Size  (2WD)                11L - 16

Rear Tire Size  (4WD)                12 - 16.5 

Hydraulic System

Main Pump Type                   Piston Pump

Pump Flow gallons/min        32gpm @2500



Load Center - in (mm)            24 (610)

Mast Tilt Backward                 11*

Mast Tilt Forward                    33*

Side Shift                                 6 in


John Deere 4.5L turbo charged Diesel

Easy Operator Access to Engine

Excellent Visibility

24mph max speed

74hp @ 2400rpm

Torque: 224ft-lbs @ 1600rpm

Lifting Capacity up to 8500lbs

Lifting Height up TBD depends on Mast

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